Whole-Body Health Scans

BODY STATUS is a quick and easy tool to assess metabolic status of a patient. Ultimately, BODY STATUS allows us to make faster inferences on treatment approaches: - is what I am doing actually helping this person? - are we moving the needle in the right direction, at the appropriate speed The technologies used in BODY STATUS allow us to gather information such as: - is this person too acidic? - are they handling stress properly? - is dehydration causing their fatigue? - is there unresolved inflammation present? - are there micronutrient deficiencies creating symptoms?

Neuromuscular Exam

Neuromuscular exams take a whole-body approach to assess how structural abnormalities are contributing to your pain and symptoms. We utilize muscle-activation testing to assess globally how well a particular muscle is functioning.

Functional Movement Analysis

Similar to the neuromuscular exam, this is a whole-body approach to assess how well you are MOVING. More often than not, poor movement patterns result from compensatory patterns that develop over time, leading to pain and injury. Through a careful analysis of specific movement, we can address dysfunctional patterns and help prevent injuries.


Neuro Rehab Visits

Our goal in these visits is to create increased feedback to areas of the brain that are less functional. Often times the brain can function at different levels of activation without presenting as an obvious pathology.

Gut-Brain Axis Repair Protocol

An under appreciated fact is that the primary raw materials for the synthesis of many neurotransmitters are nutrients - amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other natural biochemicals that we obtain from food. If we are not properly breaking down these nutrients, or not absorbing, these raw materials become deficient. Our goal of the gut-brain axis repair protocol is to: 1. Normalize the concentration of nutrients needed for NT synthesis. 2. Nutrient therapies to assist epigenetic regulation of NT activity.

Lab Findings Consult

We take a very in-depth, personalized analysis of how certain bio-markers are contributing to your specific symptoms. This visit will serve to break down each maker, educate which markers need to be addressed, and develop a personalized nutritional + lifestyle plan to improve your overall function.

Nutrition + Lifestyle Consults

Following the lab findings consultation, we will pair you with a licensed practitioner to develop a personalized lifestyle strategy to effectively optimize the quality of your life. We find behavioral coaching is the most effective in successfully creating new patterns.


Health Tech Package

The platinum approach to brain recovery is our advanced health technologies. With emerging research in light therapy, we are able to combine the technology of hyperbaric oxygen to create an incredible synchrony of blood flow and oxygen. To date, research has shown only nutritional therapies and hyperbaric oxygen therapy have the most promise and potential for improved outcomes for the treatment of secondary TBI injuries.” The Brain Recovery Program includes 150 AMPS ($4500 value).

Personalized IV Therapy

Our partnership with Hydrate IV allows us to personalize effective nutritional therapies.

Brain Recovery Supplementation

Impactful brain recovery supplementation that are formulated to increase cognition, mental capacity and alertness.


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