Foundational Health Program

Root-Cause Solutions Personalized to YOU.

Our Foundational Program is designed to identify the
root-cause of your health challenges. Here's how:

Conditions of Interest

Digestive Issues



Weight Loss

Chronic Fatigue


Chronic Concussion

Cardiovascular Health

How To Get Started!

1. Patient Application

Getting started is easy! Fill out a brief questionnaire to help us learn more about your health challenges and what you are looking to improve. Following the Patient Application you will be prompted to schedule a Discovery Appointment.

2. Discovery Appointment

The Discovery Appointment is designed to learn how we can help your current health challenge and if we are a good fit to work together. The 45-minute visit also includes a complimentary session in our relaxing, state of the art LED Light Therapy pod!

  • New Patient Appointment

    • Comprehensive Health History

    • Functional Exam

    • Metabolic Health Assessment

  • Special Laboratory Testing

  • Lab Findings Consultation

  • Treatment Plan Consultation

90-Day Foundational Program

The Essential Program is your comprehensive approach to solving the root-cause of disease and dysfunction. We tailor nutritional and lifestyle strategies to your personalized health history and cutting-edge laboratory testing.